The Bees are buzzing once again at Attyflin Estate

At Attyflin Estate, we believe in promoting sustainability and supporting pollination within our orchards. In 2020, we invited bees to set up home in our 250-year-old walled garden and orchards. In addition, we allowed much of the estate to go to meadow, planting a diverse range of nectar and pollen-rich flowers as part of our continued Ecology programme. These efforts result in bountiful harvests of apples, pears, and soft fruits – with the apples used to make our award-winning Attyflin Apple Juices.

But that’s not all. The bees also produce delightful honey with a mildly fruity flavour and a bright golden colour.

This year, we are thrilled to see the bees buzzing again in our orchards, as they play a crucial role in pollinating the blossoms. This, in turn, will greatly impact the quality of the next apple crop, which will be used to make our premium Attyflin Apple Juices, bottled right here on the estate.

By promoting sustainability and supporting the bees, we are not only benefiting the environment but also producing the highest quality fruits and juices for our customers. We are proud to continue this initiative and share ‘the fruits’ of our labour with you.